One-day Agility Booster

Develop practices and skills for informed growth

The business climate has never been more demanding, and there’s little hope that change will slow down. Business fitness requires the abilities to embrace uncertainty, stay informed, and respond - in sync with the right value partners.

Every business lives and breathes in a complex web of critical relationships: a commercial ecosystem. By mapping your current value exchanges with expert guidance, you'll identify new strengths and vulnerabilities. With new eyes, you'll discover fresh opportunities.

This workshop builds your resilience in one day. Your Business Ecosystem map will inform three key actions that deepen relationships, create new efficiencies, plug leaky buckets, and drive the right kind of growth.

The insights you gain in this process will serve you long term, as change continues and new challenges emerge.

This workshop is ideal for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs ready to grow

limit: 9 people

Are You Fit to Thrive in Any Economy?