Gregory French

Gregory has over 25 years of international investment banking, venture capital and entrepreneurial experience. He is recognized for strategic analysis, deal architecture & negotiation, and forging critical paths in new market spaces.
As the strategic brain behind yogaglo.com and fitnessglo.com, he drove growth through innovative alliances from proof of concept to cash-flow- positive in 13 months, and reduced launch costs for the roll out of a sister company by more than 70%.

Working in Japan in the ‘80s and the UK in the ‘90s, he excelled at discovering and assessing opportunity and uncovering risk. He was the go-to person for problem -solving, breaking puzzles into manageable and communicable bites that made them accessible. Gregory forges questions to uncover hidden information and sees through complexity. He thrives on intellectual exploration, with ever-growing diverse product knowledge and experience, while insisting that learning is real only when actionable. That drive to manage the iterative loop of intelligent design and execution has generated a diverse track record.

Known for innovative capital efficiency, the core of which is value recognition, Gregory’s results are based on three pillars: rigorous assessment, mindful communication, and blue-ocean innovation. Visibility to success is the goal.
Gregory’s personal interests are in environmental and animal welfare. As an international investment banker, he volunteered with several animal conservation groups primarily focused on wolf rescue and captive management. In addition to helping raise several rescued wolf pups and handling wolves for visitor interactions, Gregory helped these groups to design strategic objectives, financing strategies and education programs.

Moving to the US in 2002, he focused on bringing investment banking and venture capital expertise to companies that seek to effect much needed change in this world. He established a boutique investment bank to provide advisory and financing services to renewable energy and environmental technology companies.

Gregory received his MBA from City University, London, while working in investment banking. Secondary and college education in the US, Japan and England provided exposure to diverse cultures, disciplines and perspectives; he speaks Japanese, French and Spanish, and is currently studying Polish.

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